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News & Announcments


Here are a Few Events coming this Month (Oct) to FPCU:

Wednesday Nights - Homework club & Karate 4 Kids both @4pm; AWANA, Youth & Adults @ 5:30pm call the church for details 909-982-8811

Come Join our "Believe in Something Better" Pledge campaign program schedule:

 - Friday Oct 25th @ 7pm: Sevice of Music and Messages (light desert follows)

 - Saturday Oct 26th @5:30pm: Dinner and Talent Show (You won't want to miss this)

 - Sunday Oct 27th @10am: Reformation Sunday - A Sunday of Dedication

Don't Miss the "Trunk or Treat" Celebration on 30 Oct @ 6pm - Fun for all ages

LifeGroup Questions

Week of Jan 5, 2014


  1. There are many different ways to “pass judgment” on another. Which way is meant by Romans 14:13?.

  2. Brainstorm some of the ways we put “stumbling blocks” before others.

  3. Just as kosher dietary laws could obstruct the preaching of Christ, what present legalisms threaten our proclamation of the Gospel?

  4. Does the text suggest that serving Christ is better than legalism and obedience to Old Testament Law?


  1. How can Christians avoid being seen as legalists, blue-noses and killjoys without compromising moral good?

  2. Why is it that “worldly” Christians are seen as hypocritical — no better than anyone else?

  3. How do we best present ourselves to those who think all Christians are phonies and have nothing to offer?

LOOKING AHEAD: for January 12:

  1. Read 1 Peter 1: 3-8

  2. What is “living hope”?

  3. What is the “inheritance”?

  4. Where is it kept?

  5. How is joy connected to God’s mercy?

  6. According to this text, how are we “born again”? 

Kickoff is Here!

On Sunday, September 8th, it is Kickoff Sunday, were we kick off our Fall programs!

We have an exciting new lineup of classes for all ages and interests.

Check out our Sunday School programs for Adults and Children.

Also we have new programs for the whole family on Wednesday Nights.